Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Coming to the end of Febuary!

And it's been very interesting! We have had rain, yes lots of it...but then we have had sun, beautifully sunny Spring like days...of course we cannot be having Spring days as it's still Winter! The garden is very happy though and the blossoms are enjoying this early warmth....I just hope we don't get a frost or snow now! 

Just like a Spring day!

For me the great thing about all this rain - the lovely drops sitting in the grass!

Love it when the grass sparkles!

First Violets spotted!

More Crocuses are flowering now!

Purple and Green with added sparkle!

Our Golden Plum tree

My faves - Daisies!

So prickly but so pretty!

I know it's a weed but!

So that was Sunday 23rd, all warm and lovely...which led over to Monday which was incredibly lucky as I had a commission for House Marketing photos - that needed blue skies! These will be used to sell this house set in a lovely location and the view is pretty good as well!

And then it was over to one of my favourite places to spend time with the camera, some may remember last year I put up photos of rescued Spanish Galgas and Pedencos - this year there are 2 more that have been fostered in to the fold...
Dimdim - settling in with her new brothers and sisters.

Juno who was attacked and bears the scars.

And then there's the lovely Osaco and Tana
Just a couple of posers really!

For more on Spanish Galgas and Pedencos please go to For more information on re-homing you can contact Lévriers and Compagnie

So now we are coming to the end of the month, and March is promising to be a fun month here at PJP,  more Marketing photos, Making Memories shoots.

But my question - will March come in like a Lamb or Lion....?

Monday, 17 February 2014

St. Valentine's Day and the Weekend!

 The 14th of February  - always brings a bit of fun into our lives, this year we had a very quick (in-car) picnic by La Vienne river - which gave me the perfect opportunity to take some photos of the river running high and fast!

La Vienne flowing fast and high!

Water flowing at La Vienne
Sunday we had a good old family get together which meant a glass or two of bubbly and a very wet walk in the woods. I am hoping that all this wet weather will see lots of lovely bluebells this year!


In the woods

Burst of Colour 

Broom bringing hopeful signs of Spring!
We didn't out run the rain!

Today 17th has been a beautiful day (I know everyone is thinking the same - are we really going to be this lucky and not get the white stuff!?) So out into the garden to see what damage had been caused by the high winds of the last 2 weeks and we seem to be ok!

More Crocuses are flowering!

First Blossoms of the Mirabelle

Elephant ears so pink this year!

Love these purple beauties

Forsythia really coming out now!

Playing with focus and this is the daisy of today!

Chinese Lanterns always look good!

Something about dried out seeds I think!
So we end another weekend on a happy note, and start the week on dry footing - although the garden is very soggy, so we won't be getting the lawnmower out just yet!

Have a great week!

17th February '14

Thursday, 13 February 2014

PamelaJayne working with Michael William Hairdressing!

A couple of hours and a busy clicking finger, and lots of props, I had quite a lot of fun yesterday afternoon - certainly made dull day much brighter!

It is always exciting being asked to work with another business, I will be working closely with Laura and Michael William Hairdressing over the next few months, promo photos & the Photographer for their up and coming Fashion Show - Decades of Style, which has been set to for 14th June '14 , in aid of cancer Support France! I am so excited about all this - photography, filming, hair, fashion show can't wait!

We will be having a few sessions on the run up to the show, which means lots of working with the models, the dry run will be the day of the show! But in the meantime I hope to get a few snaps of the shows progress!

These are some promo shots for Laura - a girl of many ideas!

Next step Laura has to choose the photos she wants to use - photo will follow I am sure!

Monday, 10 February 2014

February so wet!

Well we have lived here in the South West of France for 10 years this year BUT I have never known such a wet month and yes I know we are only 10 days in but if feels like it has not stopped raining for days and days! When in fact just 2 weeks ago I was walking around our garden (soggy garden!) in the warmth of the sunshine with the dog and Lilly Kitty running here, there and everywhere!

I spotted my first Crocuses in the garden which brought a smile straight to my face - there is something about the "first flowers" isn't there?

and then of course there's the bird song accompanying me around whilst we are out there, the Blackbird seemingly has his heart set on the fact Spring is coming, and a  Bumble Bee was buzzing around, albeit he was a tad on the wet side and he was huge and quite clearly trying to move!
Cross and wet - Bumble Bee of February!

Bumble Bee of February trying to find somewhere dry!

And then the rain came back - and then that rain turned to hailstones! But not just once over the last week or so but twice - in fact it was so windy on Saturday the door blew open - scaring the life out of us whilst we were re-organising the office - ok, so were were deep cleaning! And then the biggest hailstones I have seen made an entrance through the cat flap! And it didn't end there 1am and we had thunder...!

Still it was lovely on Friday to hand over a Photo on Wood to a lovely family who are sadly (for me) relocating to the UK - their daughter is so incredible through the lens, she worked so well with me it was fantastic.

Photo on Wood "Making Memories" session

And then my own personal surprise  to start the weekend - a fabulous sale on the Redbubble   I sell a lot of my images through! and have enjoyed many sales over this years, but this sale was quite possibly one of the best, they will be getting a little bit of my "Life through the Lens"! and to be honest I think my photos will travel further than I will!  I just wish I knew who the purchaser was so I could thank them :D
French Wheels and Onions is one of the Select Colour images sold.

So we are into another week - and lots happening in the half term holidays when hopefully the weather improves and we can maybe just maybe take a little trip to the coast!

I do realise whilst I am talking about this awful weather that there are so many really suffering with floods and losing their homes,  at the moment the Somerset plains are in dire straights - you only have to read this to realise how lucky we are here in our little corner of France!

Here is to a good week!