Tuesday, 4 February 2014

February 2014 brings me to the end of 2013!

ahhhh! We are in a New Year and I have finally got my fingers into gear and will try to actually be better at blogging from now on!

The end of 2013 was great - work wise it was all very happening and we enjoyed some really fun photoshoots - all of which can be seen over on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PamelaJaynePhotography/photos_albums

When I look back I realised my last actual blog was written in October and I was actually playing catch up then as well! Well I am not even going to attempt to catch up 4 months worth so maybe a few photos could do it?

The garden is at it's loveliest with the flowers enjoying the Autumnal weather!

October was lovely - we had sunny spells and rain - but thankfully for the "holiday shoots" we had one good weather day and the other not so good!

November at the Golf St. Junien Christmas Fayre

December this lovely couple wanted photos for their family!

On my way home from a lovely Christmas meal I stopped to take photos of the Starlings in town - the noise was amazing and to be honest I really had to drag myself away!

December in the Garden the changes..........

Lilly the Kitty is really beginning to enjoy the great outdoors!

I have been waiting all Summer and Autumn long for this capture - a bird feeding from the ceramique feeder handcrafted  by  Les Ceramiques de Linda

SO that was pretty much the final months of 2013 for me - a good year! 

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