Thursday, 31 January 2013

The end of January

Well here we are the final day of January and we have had quite a month,  snow, rain a bit more snow - lots more rain and ooh about 3 days of "nice" weather! I haven't had much chance to get out and about with the camera as there always seems to be something else that needs to be done or the weather is against me!

Still we have had a good month on the whole, our youngest had a concert in which she performed one of my favourite songs "With or Without You" she has normally sung this as a solo but this time 2 of her friends added to it with their vocals, it's always a pleasure watching talented youngsters!

 Ma Smith had her birthday celebrations (a day late) with us and we enjoyed a lovely meal and very nice Hairy Dieters Skinny lemon cupcakes with drizzly icing as a birthday cake which I can safely say went down an absolute storm!
The cakes........ah yes and Birthday Girl!

PamelaJayne Photography
Happy Birthday - saying it with Cupcakes

PamelaJayne Photography Birthday Cakes
Skinny Birthday Cup Cakes

I think in a previous blog I mentioned that I have yet another hugely talented friend who makes the most beautiful pottery - I asked her if it would be possible to commission a couple of her pieces for MiL and although she went through freezing conditions in her studio, had kiln troubles (enforced powercut!) she made it through, the plate and jug were noticed at the Christmas market with Holly leaves - I sense more presents with this collection ;) Thank you to Linda!
PamelaJayne Photography
Commissioned Jug and Dipping Plate from Les Céramiques de Linda

I haven't been blogging very long but I had a lovely surprise last week, I had been mentioned in another blog - that of French Village Diaries who honoured me with the "Versatile Blogger Award" needless to say I am thrilled by this and will make a concerted effort to pass it on.....Thank you JB :)

And now for more exciting news on the work front.....I have 3 bookings all taken this week, one is next Monday a commercial shoot of Hair Care products which I have to say I am really looking forward to as there is nothing quite like the client saying I can pretty much do what I want to do with the set up that will be something really to get my teeth into (and lens of course!).

I have a lovely family who want a portrait session coming up in the Half Term Holidays which again I cannot wait to do as there is one very precious baby included!

And yesterday whilst leaving a collection of Unique PhotoCards at a new shop opening near us Chez Tante Mabel run by Bev and Paul - (doors open on Monday 4th February) whilst there they asked if I would be their Photographer at their Wedding Blessing in August - totally - will I? I love a wedding - I am now looking forward to sharing a cuppa with Bev and talking weddings, flowers and photos!

Tuesday we also had an enforced power cut - which meant I had to do housework the old fashioned way, sweeping with a broom and mopping and it is not fun when it's dark and cold I can tell you! We had hoped it would be just the morning but no they needed another 3 hours in the afternoon as well - so we decided to do that much needed recycling and maybe see what the sales had to offer - well the former was done no problem even Scooby came out with us to help with said task -
PamelaJayne Photography
Car? Now? Yes??

and he does love the car, being as it was dark and radioless, he came along for the ride - could you resist that face? Although he does stay in the car whilst we are in the shops - we always have a giggle when you see little dogs in the Supermarkets (only en France) but we noticed that Leclerc now do not allow dogs at all except guide dogs! Laws a changing then!?

Well we are off to another Concert tonight this time held at Poitiers in conjunction with the FAC Musico and 3 Lycée's including youngest daughter's class - she will have spent the day with her elder sister - which is great for them as they are pretty passionate about music...tonight we have snuck in (standing room only) so camera is charging!

Hopefully the weather will now brighten up a bit as we have a weekend off and it would be lovely to get out for a day or even both days! Daughters are spending more time together and we are redundant - so it's a swim and probably the boring jobs that we don't like doing but need to be done!


  1. Sound like a busy month you have had, but all for the right reasons, also congratulations on your versatile blogger award, well earned. Let hope February is a an exceptional month as well. Happy Birthday Ma Smith, and have a great evening tonight. I am still practising with my new Camera, but love it when I have caught just the right photo....I will keep trying.

    Cheers Marguerite (Rural French Life)

    1. I am so sorry Marguerite for not replying sooner! Thank you for your kind words ;)
      Yes keep at it - there is nothing quite like a new camera to play with.
      Have a fun February ;)

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