Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Coming to the end of Febuary!

And it's been very interesting! We have had rain, yes lots of it...but then we have had sun, beautifully sunny Spring like days...of course we cannot be having Spring days as it's still Winter! The garden is very happy though and the blossoms are enjoying this early warmth....I just hope we don't get a frost or snow now! 

Just like a Spring day!

For me the great thing about all this rain - the lovely drops sitting in the grass!

Love it when the grass sparkles!

First Violets spotted!

More Crocuses are flowering now!

Purple and Green with added sparkle!

Our Golden Plum tree

My faves - Daisies!

So prickly but so pretty!

I know it's a weed but!

So that was Sunday 23rd, all warm and lovely...which led over to Monday which was incredibly lucky as I had a commission for House Marketing photos - that needed blue skies! These will be used to sell this house set in a lovely location and the view is pretty good as well!

And then it was over to one of my favourite places to spend time with the camera, some may remember last year I put up photos of rescued Spanish Galgas and Pedencos - this year there are 2 more that have been fostered in to the fold...
Dimdim - settling in with her new brothers and sisters.

Juno who was attacked and bears the scars.

And then there's the lovely Osaco and Tana
Just a couple of posers really!

For more on Spanish Galgas and Pedencos please go to For more information on re-homing you can contact Lévriers and Compagnie

So now we are coming to the end of the month, and March is promising to be a fun month here at PJP,  more Marketing photos, Making Memories shoots.

But my question - will March come in like a Lamb or Lion....?

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