Wednesday, 9 January 2013

January 2013

Well here we are in January 2013, many people have said that a blog is a great thing to have and that I really should give it a go! So here I am, willing to try and keep up some sort of blog! I think it will be easier this time of year as life quietens down somewhat! 

During the week in the winter months it's more about keeping my website and Facebook page running smoothly and creating new ideas for this years Photo Cards and Prints that I sell at the Summer-Christmas Markets! I suppose if I was that organised this years collection would be on the way to being made!

So I am going in with the attitude that there will be days less busy in Summer where I can update this blog and hopefully not bore the pants off everyone with my daily/weekly musings (of which there can be many!) 

I have quite a few friends that blog and do it very well so I shall probably be calling on one of the more experienced one that is also a friend of mine - I read her blogs with interest and wonder how she fits so much in to life!!

Back to the wonderful world of Photography - well it's a bit dull and grey out today - and unfortunately due to "La Chasse" getting out for walks are few and far between, which means I get cabin fever! We do get some lovely winter days here though and everyone at this time is talking of the imminent arrival of snow!! Yes it's great and pretty for photos - but not so nice when it's slushy and icy - brrrrr sends shivers down my spine! I like a good frost it's pretty but doesn't last quite as long and you still get some extremely pretty photos! 

15th January 2011 around the garden at chez nous
Icy Lantern

PamelaJayne Photography
Winter Chinese Lanterns

I do love taking photos of flowers and plants in all seasons but what I really love is going out with camera and just capturing moments that will be forever remembered! Maybe a bird in flight, or one of our daughters laughing or both being silly (that is often) or the lovely Rob pulling one of his faces all of these memories are there now!

Last summer I had a fabulous day out with 3 lovely ladies with their children capturing moments that now hang on their walls or those of their family!

PamelaJayne Photography
You want me to pose?
I am passionate about photography and love sharing - so I hope you enjoy what you see either on my blog or indeed my Facebook Page and Website.


  1. Hello, fancy meeting you on blogger :) Welcome to the lovely world of words and pictures - very lovely pictures from you! Thank you for the shout out and best of luck with the blog xxx

    1. Hi JB well here I am - I have no idea what I am doing or saying so I expect there will be a few mistakes along the way! Thank you also :)) xx