Monday, 17 February 2014

St. Valentine's Day and the Weekend!

 The 14th of February  - always brings a bit of fun into our lives, this year we had a very quick (in-car) picnic by La Vienne river - which gave me the perfect opportunity to take some photos of the river running high and fast!

La Vienne flowing fast and high!

Water flowing at La Vienne
Sunday we had a good old family get together which meant a glass or two of bubbly and a very wet walk in the woods. I am hoping that all this wet weather will see lots of lovely bluebells this year!


In the woods

Burst of Colour 

Broom bringing hopeful signs of Spring!
We didn't out run the rain!

Today 17th has been a beautiful day (I know everyone is thinking the same - are we really going to be this lucky and not get the white stuff!?) So out into the garden to see what damage had been caused by the high winds of the last 2 weeks and we seem to be ok!

More Crocuses are flowering!

First Blossoms of the Mirabelle

Elephant ears so pink this year!

Love these purple beauties

Forsythia really coming out now!

Playing with focus and this is the daisy of today!

Chinese Lanterns always look good!

Something about dried out seeds I think!
So we end another weekend on a happy note, and start the week on dry footing - although the garden is very soggy, so we won't be getting the lawnmower out just yet!

Have a great week!

17th February '14

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