Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Newly launched website!

After quite a few months, my new look website has been finalised and launched! I am thrilled to bits with it, we have spent hours getting the look right. I am pretty lucky to have someone who listens to my wants and able to put them into working order!

A massive thank you to the site has evolved so much over the last few months, new ideas, new colour schemes, take this out, put that in, with not one template in sight - all has been developed using good and proper skill for detail and programming, all of which I can honestly say "you what now?"and a lot of it I really don't understand but luckily for me Rob does! I wanted uniqueness something that is different to the usual and not looking the same as so many seem to and that has been achieved, all I had to worry about was colours and verbage! For me that's nice and easy so I feel I had the better end of the deal really, but then it's not my skill set ;)

The gallery is just how I imagined it to be with clients able to select their photographs either as Greeting Cards, Prints or CDs! Each element of my photography has it's own page detailing prices etc...

I would like a badge saying "I am the proud owner of a RobSmith-it website :)" OK so it's my second one but websites do date so, and this is  about our businesses, so let's try new ideas and go with a look that is clean and professional, easy to view and use.

But enough of me waffling about it - take a look for yourselves! www.PamelaJayne Photography

I have also launched 2 new Facebook pages so that it all works together now you can find my "Making Memories" at Portrait and Wedding Services and "Promoting with" at Events and Marketing I still use my "Life through the Lens" page for all my other photography.

Exciting times!


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