Friday, 4 April 2014

April it's April?!?

When did that actually happen - well on the First I suppose but really? Who stole the time - again? We left March to beautiful weather, Saturday saw 5 of us pounding up and down the pool in Ruffec taking part in a Sponsored Swim (Nagerthon) we wanted to achieve 100 lengths in the hour, and we did! A nice way of fundraising for the Rotary Club to donate the money raised for a Garden for Disabled people in the town! We then completed a  bike ride of 15.5kms (that .5 is really important!) on Sunday which for us was a good ride as it was the first back out this year! And we found every hill imaginable in our area, as well as the D9 which who knew was so hilly?

I was commissioned to take photos of a very lovely Chambre d'hote La Belle Epoque in March, but have been waiting to share some of the photographs, we were there last year for a Vintage shoot so it was lovely to go back and take photos of the house now ready for the busy Season ahead! Good luck to Olly & Baz :)

The garden is coming along beautifully - I think all the rain in February helped - Spring has Sprung!

The thing is I am definitely one of those people that say "Oh Fritillaria they are my favourite flowers", I shouldn't say that as really I love all plants and flowers, but the three above are amongst my Top Ten or should that be twenty!

Of course the other thing about Spring is the blossoms from Apple, to Almond and now the Pear and Peach there is nothing quite like this time of year is there?
Peach Blossom on my sapling!

Pear reaching high!

I was quite surprised to see the Lilac coming out in bud but maybe that's about the right time - it just seems too early!

As the sun started to go down I played around with settings on the camera (as you do!) and took the blossoms with the sun behind - I was not expecting to see a little flying fly though!

We are lucky to have lanes to the back of us - as you may have seen previously, the farmers have been very busy readying the fields for planting - well they were a week ago (or so it seems) now we have an avenue of Colza (rape) which is so pretty - I know it's evil and nasty as it makes everyone cough and sneeze - me included, well until this year!! 
I have to share this as it's Scooby - totally oblivious to the fact there is a great big Hare not so very far away from him! Even when he did look up, there was no obvious sign he would give chase! Good Old Scoobs!

I am guessing the yellow flowers in the photograph below are some kind of wild Geranium, I rather like them and thinking they would look nice in my "wild garden"

Bumble Bee out in the evening enjoy the last of the sun and the colza!

And so's not to be left out - here is our Lily - growing rapidly and enjoying the joys the Spring Garden is bringing her! I am so hoping she doesn't find a Daddy Long Legs as I have heard bad things about them! Mind you I don't want her going for Bees, Wasps or anything else with a sting really! 

I thought I would partake in the "100 days of Happy" basically taking a photo every day of something that makes you Happy! That can be hard as somethings that make me happy - are going to be hard to photograph! 

My first 4 days go like this .......

Our youngest in her final concert of all the Music classes at Lycée made her sad but made me happy as she proved her talent once again!

Everyone loves surprises? this was mine in my plant tub!
Day 3 eldest sang in this church with the Fac de Musico (Poitiers) it was a beautiful setting and the music was pretty lovely as well!

Now Day 4 is a bit harder as I went Swimming and that makes me really happy so rather than subject you to a photo of me looking ridiculously happy (!) here are the essentials in my kit bag!
I now have to keep this up for another 96 days - wish me luck ;)

It rained and rained yesterday, not April showers but full on all day stuff! And it did give me a chance to play - under my Umbrella, ella, ella.....  Hope it cheers up next week though for the German exchange students, no-one likes going to the coast in the rain do they? Anyway I have just realised it's Happy Friday!

 Have a great weekend!

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