Friday, 18 April 2014

April excitement at PJP Towers

Well what a busy few days it's been, we are halfway through April, which is scary in itself as we are ever nearer to May - Birthday Month!

I have had much fun since the first of April deciding to record those happy moments on a daily basis - using camera, tablet or mobile I have so far captured 18 days of Happy for my #100happydays album, 100 Happy Days which can be seen here - of course sometimes I don't post on the actual day - that would be silly now wouldn't it? But I have been keeping on top of it, it goes to show how many happy moments can occur on a daily basis!

I have had a photo shoot this week as well, plus a call to take photos for a disabled gentleman for his photos for the Permis de Conduire, whilst there I was asked to take photos of himself and his wife, their first "official photoshoot" in Twenty years!

This followed the very hectic but enjoyable "Making Memories" photo shoot, 3 great grandchildren all under 5 to one very lovely Ann and her granddaughter Jenni.

And before I turn the PC off for the weekend I would like to introduce you to my new page! I have been working on it since February - this will work so well with the new website as well once it's launched!
PamelaJaynePhotoraphy Portraits & Wedding Services  is purely about  Making Memories sessions on the Weddings that I have had the chance to be part of.

And finally  - Happy Easter to you!

Have an enjoyable weekend whatever you do - we are hoping to head to the coast - photo opportunities abound!


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