Wednesday, 31 August 2016

August - been there done that! But let's finish July first!!


I know, I know I say it every time "where has the time gone?" I honestly don't know where it is going but trying to make the most of this rather hot month has been hard! It's too hot to go outside (36 degrees for nearly 3 weeks!) but we have had some fun anyway - you can't let the heat stop you getting on with life can you now?

So I left you early on in July and we had enjoyed our 25th Wedding Anniversary - which I still can't believe has been and gone, we spent so long deciding what we wanted to maybe do - we just kind of did something which we probably didn't intend to do but made some lovely memories!

Just a few days after our special weekend away it was back to work and a really lovely, relaxed and fun Wedding was in the dairy! I have known Paul and Susan for some years so it was great to be working with them and capturing their special day!

Beautiful Flowers by Lisa of French Flower Style
I think most people enjoyed delving into the Sweet Bar! 

July as always where our family spends an afternoon making music (Naomi and Rob this year) and taking photographs (me!) in aid of the ATCP (Association Tchernobyl Charente Poitou) this year we found out that the funding that has brought so many children over to France for their much needed respite has been pulled - at this moment in time myself and friends are planning how best to raise funds for next year) 
Musique Pleine Aire certainly helped but at 700€ per child it's going to be hard and we so badly want to see the beautiful Paulina, Sasha and Kristina (and others) back here next year!

Laura joined us this year with some beautiful classical music

Réne Patin the President of ATCP 

Friends of Naomi Grace came along again this year to support the event.

It's always fun and laughter when Mandy and Naomi come together to sing! 

The following day was more Music again this time NaomiGrace was singing at Epènede, she was invited back this year and it was bigger - much bigger and there was a pyramid stage which she found rather awesome!

And then back to Life through the Lens in July we of course have Sunflowers, Sunsets and not forgetting the rest of the flowers and Butterflies!

We also celebrated my Mums birthday at the Auberge du Noyer nr. Lodigny and commissioned a Digital Art Print of  Dougal their dog by Rosie a rather talented young lady and which they are rather thrilled with!

We had friends come for a very short stay and it was lovely to catch up after eight years and finally meeting their "baby" boy who is now six! I rest my case TIME does fly!!

Finally I have to share this with you we are rather partial to taking "Selfies" not only on our Gin night but wherever we go - it's a way of Making our very Own Memories so when I saw this in the shop I had to buy it for Mr PJP - can you see the likeness? ;) And no, he isn't going to grow a beard but he does wear a rather nice hat :)

 I think August will be very quick this month as I need to play catch up and have some exciting news to share as well - soooo keep reading :)

Thank you for reading my rambles - half my problem is by the time I get to writing I have forgotten so much which is why my Life through the Lens really does help when it comes to remembering - Memories are a wonderful thing :)

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