Tuesday, 11 March 2014

March is blazing in!

What a wonderful end weatherwise to Winter,  we are enjoying it so much! March came in a bit like a Lion, with Têmpete Catherine on the 2nd March which was a bit of a surprise one minute it was still and calm, then came down the rain and huge gusts of wind! But the Monday following you wouldn't believe how calm it was and then the sun came out and it has been resting with us ever since! So many signs of Spring now showing, although we still have boggy areas flowers are blooming and the buzz of bees is in the air!

To start the month of March,  I was commissioned to work a Pop Up Studio/Photo booth for a Surprise Masquerade Party for a family that are departing for the States. George Archer who has been teaching Zumba locally https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zumba-with-George-Archer/146279872178955?fref=ts will be leaving during the next few weeks, I first met George when he was about 15 at line dancing, he then got involved in the Zumba world that was introduced to our region by the lovely Lynne Stephens who ran Slimmercise which involved slimming club followed by aerobics, she then moved to Zumba after becoming a qualified ZIN https://www.facebook.com/ZumbaPoitouLynneStephens?fref=ts and quite a few of us are now addicts and still including the Slimming club - fitter and slimmer ladies are now enjoying the music and fun that Zumba with Lynne has to offer!
 It was a pleasure being asked to be involved in the Surprise for George and his family, the photographer had far too much fun! Good luck to a lovely family....

A "Pop up Studio" is such a fun way of recording an event, all guests have their photographs taken in a professional setting, ensuring that everyone has a great memory of the time. It also means that the Event host has great memories to treasure and doesn't have to worry about out of focus snaps! The choice of  CD, Prints and PhotoCards (or all three!) can then be purchased.
I think my favourite way to capture certain moments is with a few props as well, I have been using a frame for photo shoots as well and it really is an ice-breaker,  everyone starts posing in various ways and then the relaxed atmosphere that is provided really helps to add more than just enjoyment, everyone finds their inner "star" quality and pose like never before!


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