Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Life Through the Lens - Melle partie deux - March '14

I had the opportunity to go back to my exploring of Melle last week, I spent far too much time dallying however as only ended up with twenty minutes to cram in all the places I wanted to get to! No chance.....Melle is actually a little bigger than I anticipated and I still haven't made it to the Market Place as yet! Just reaching the church my place of destination when DD rang to say her rdv had finished and now ready and waiting for me...ahhhh I was now in "rush mode" which meant I wasn't going to get nearer l'eglise Saint Hilaire.
PamelaJaynePhotography 001 (Medium) PamelaJaynePhotography 012 (Medium)
L’eglise Saint Savinien with the Blue skies making a wonderful backdrop! Managed to miss this last time!
PamelaJaynePhotography 031 (Medium) PamelaJaynePhotography 043 (Medium)
Loving the daffodils, so many more out this week… looking through….
PamelaJaynePhotography 054 (Medium)Shuttered this week and loving the afternoon light on the shutters. PamelaJaynePhotography 058 (Medium)
PamelaJaynePhotography 061 (Medium) PamelaJaynePhotography 072 (Medium)
That’s what I call a clean window! took me a moment to realise I was seeing the blue skies through the roof! Lovely area to sit and contemplate!
I started off from the Old hospital gardens again as I knew I would be able to get to the Eglise Saint Hilaire via the winding roads down. Of course on the way there was so many more things to see this week. Flowers coming out, buzzing Bees and many Butterflies flitting around me, part of me things there was just one and I was being accompanied on my walk!
PamelaJaynePhotography 082 (Medium)
Honey Bee enjoying the flora!
PamelaJaynePhotography 086 (Medium)
Another gateway to explore – another day!
PamelaJaynePhotography 107 (Medium)
PamelaJaynePhotography 112 (Medium)
The ramparts continue round the back – I have walked down from the gardens.
PamelaJaynePhotography 088 (Medium) PamelaJaynePhotography 137 (Medium)
Flowering Current bush I believe! Love the colour of the Japonica against the sky.
PamelaJaynePhotography 164 (Medium) PamelaJaynePhotography 170 (Medium)
My destination for this walk – Eglise Sainte Hilare…
PamelaJaynePhotography 178 (Medium) PamelaJaynePhotography 158 (Medium)
PamelaJaynePhotography 117 (Medium) PamelaJaynePhotography 216 (Medium)
Back to our meeting place via yet another route through the old hospital I discovered this really “happy” building!
Dating back to the XIXeme ciecle stands the Dêpot Lapidiare which would have been the store room for the Pompiers hand pumps
Another part of the Old hospital -  would have loved to have seen this before it became so dilapidated.
PamelaJaynePhotography 209 (Medium) PamelaJaynePhotography 195 (Medium)
And back full circle! Last flower photo of the day as well!
So as you can see Melle is really a very pretty town, with many places to discover, I am still quite ashamed that it has taken me this long to take the time to explore but now I have and know that I have a few more places to re-visit which does excite me, back to the church Saint Hilaire at some stage for internal photos!
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