Thursday, 30 June 2016

When Work leads you to Temptation - le Boute du Monde and beyond!

The chance to go out whilst Mr PJP meets with a new client - yes please, says I...haven't done that for could I not go - a chance to explore, take photographs, use new camera, and spend time with my wonderful husband! A few hours later, lots of talking (Me) and not much exploring around the lovely little town in the middle of nowhere but somewhere in dept. 17 (Me) he did lots and left a very happy client. Realising we weren't as near to our first choice Rochefort to visit we had a decision to make - where to eat our picnic - place found and after a bite to eat of a very lovely cauliflower tabbouleh at a very chilly aire - it was late in the day by now - so what did he do? He took the turning to the Ilê d' was nearer to us at that time than going home, honestly...
Soon to be Sunflower field - we spotted ONE starting to bloom!

We started at Château d'oleron (wrong turning taken) so we decided to park up and have a quick look around anyway but then the word Ice-cream popped out of my mouth and there's only one place for that the other end of the Island - we did however see some Artisinale cabanes which we should go back and peruse one day!
such a pretty had carriages as well as these lovely horses! 

Portside at Chateau d'Oleron you can see the Boats laden with the empty nets ready for Moules and Oysters

I actually need this in my garden :)

We flew around and after a few photographs off we went 22kms up the road to le Boute du Monde not only does it have the best (in our opinion) choices for Ice Cream it is peaceful but busy with people exploring, it's always windy so you get the most amazing waves to watch in winter and sometimes in Summer if it's a very stormy day... the wind was a tad blowy, the skies weren't as blue as they could have been but it was lovely!!

Here we are - our place - feels so right being here!
finally giving my birthday present the chance to show me what it could do - and I am impressed, I have never had a zoom that could show this much detail on the old Lighthouse!

looking up to the top of the Phare (light house) 

Looking to the sea from the lighthouse - full zoom!

a path we have not walked along before - but glad we found it!


Lots of talking and lots of picture taking and I admit lots of selfies but some days  you just have to - that's the memories right there or just that I am really very fussy and it has to be just right! Good job I don't worry about what the hair does though, beyond windblown.....!

Onwards ever onwards, well not quite but another stop before we hit the road for home we enjoy the sea for a bit longer I just love this beach - we have seen it calm and tranquil on a hot summers day, wild, wet and windy on a cold Winters day and obviously windy and chilly on a mildly warm Summers day (not exaggerating it was 16 degrees!) and yet we can't come here without another stop.......

another reason I love it here - the seagulls, I miss them!

We can never come to the Ilê d'Oleron and not go to our other most favourite place - that of Port Cotinière here is where Mr PJP has to sit and sup his Grimbergen he says there is only one place to enjoy it properly and as it's only a couple of times a year, simply put - has to be done! So, we hit Le Gaité for refreshments! 

Grimbergen and Badoit at the port that we favour most on the Island

I cannot resist a posing seagull and this one was very good - several poses later and I am a happy lady not sure the seagull was - I am sure he expected some sort of payment in food!!

By now it was getting late and we were a tad peckish a fish supper at a little resto we found by accident (read we never have looked down that lane before now!) We have very rarely eaten before leaving - not sure why timings normally -get home for the dog etc.....I think we were feeling a tad rebellious though - it's been a long time since we have had the chance to eat out call it a date night if you want or hunger and not wanting to eat at very silly o'clock by the time we got home!

SO we did the very considered menu perusal thing that everyone seems to do....what to eat, what to eat...was the question, Rob thought he had nearly got me in one of the restos until my hawk eyes spotted a little shop but no it wasn't it was another little side lane and there were off we went down to the board to see if there was anything we fancied on there! La Sardiniere is lovely outside eating on a lovely warm evening would have been perfect - clearly we are not so hardened to this chilliness so opted for indoors!
In the end I decided on "Bar" (Sea Bass) served with vegetables (could have had rice as it was part o the plat but that's not for me) It was delish - served with lemons and cooked to perfection on the griddle, the vegetables were courgette and carrot ribbons with tomato - I couldn't have been happier! Rob went for Fish and Chips, the chips were divine (yes I had a couple - how could I not taste tests are obligatory) and the batter was very light and crispy! I even had a very fresh cup of mint tea made for me..... The young waitress was lovely, very attentive and got our English humour - thankfully!! We chose the right place totally to finish off our much deserved few hours off!
PJ's Bar et Legumes

Fish et Chips
Back to the car and another au revoir to the port...with a few Seagull photos to keep me going...

I am looking forward to our next coastal outing - lots of photographs will be taken it's going to be a good one ;)

Thank you for reading I hope you have enjoyed my "Life through the Lens" photographs - mostly they were taken using the Canon Powershot SX710 HS which I am still finding my way around - I am superly impressed by the 30x zoom and even in the wind it kept a steady photograph which I was happy about!

For more photographs of the Ilê d'Oleron please go to my "Life through the Lens" facebook page where there are a few more to view :) 

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