Monday, 16 June 2014

Merry Month of May got away!

I say it every month! Where did that time go? I had so many things planned to write about and now find myself thinking it's the middle of June and didn't ever get around to May! So bad.....!!

We did celebrate 3 Birthdays and I think the 10 days between the three make the days go even quicker as we are normally running around buying presents etc! No excuse I know ;)

We took our eldest out for lunch in Poitiers and unusually for the beginning of the month it was a tad chilly and cloudy, so I thought some Black and White photos would suit the weather!

Café de La Paix 

One evening was so beautiful the light was "just right" so off I went out in the garden to capture some of the flowers in a different light for's something I seem to rarely have time to do, and should do more often! I am still finding new ways of using the latest camera so taking advantage more often is now on my list of "to do"

My delight came this month in the form of not one but TWO Woodpeckers, I believe Mr & Mrs Middle Spotted Woodpecker - I could have watched them for hours in all honesty! The photos are taken through my kitchen window - they are too scared when I open it but it still shows what they are up to - feeding and drinking mainly! Dedication or what - in the pouring rain! If you would like to see more of my work then please head over to my "Life through the Lens Page" had their first four day event this year, I was delighted to have the chance of taking some "Making Memories" photos. Here's a selection for you but the rest as always can be found over at

And finally - it was also my Birthday in May - I have been thoroughly spoiled by all those around me - my Family and wonderful and totally Fab Friends made being 45 (gulp) really special! 

So that's my playing catch up at an end! I hope to get June so far written very soon!


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