Thursday, 20 June 2013

June and the fun so far!

Another couple of weeks have passed by in some kind of rush - not sure who is rushing this year but would they please slow it down a little! In 6 days it's Rob's birthday and in 16 days it will be our wedding anniversary! This month is rather like it was in the UK 22 years ago - leading up to our Big Day it rained, rained and rained some more and then the Sunshone and it was a blazing hot day! But still enough of that - we have this year and this month to look at!

So far - rain - yes it has, in all shapes and forms - from drizzle (that wet rain) to Hail the size of Golf balls  - I kid you not - thankfully it was 3am in the morning so most people were sleeping and it wasn't in our town but one not so far away and a lot of the North Deux Sèvres suffered!

 Naomi's friend in Niort likened it to Armageddon - and was it a sign of failing her Bac, at least she was focusing on that!

Yes it's been that time here - exams and more exams! Naomi has currently done her Bac Français written, Science tomorrow and French Oral on the 2nd July then that is it for this year the holidays can begin!!

She was told by her very sensible teacher to go out and not do anything revision related on Tuesday the day before THE exam so we had to go out - swimming and then retail therapy - it is hard being a Mum some days ;)

Chloe passed her end of year Uni exams and we are so pleased and proud! She is now somewhere in the Cantal region hopefully not soggy from the rain, but enjoying her experience of "basic camping" and by basic I mean basic just a tent and the hills nothing else! Still she's young and it's a great experience - I just wonder is it one she will repeat?

We have managed a few bike rides - I wanted to get some Poppy images before they were blown away or rained away! So one of our early morning rides consisted of me stopping to take photos, Rob being very patient and Scooby even more so - at least it's worth going out for otherwise we do the 4kms far too quickly!
Early morning Poppies

So bright!

The 7th June was a lovely day - lots of beautiful sunshine and warmth - in fact so much so everyone was commenting on the fact that summer must be here! Not quite but Spring promised to be nice....if only for a day or two - so off round the garden to see what was new and in bloom - my fave the honeysuckle - is there ever such a sweet scent? Anytime of the day whatever the weather this bush is a hive of industry and smells divine!

Clematis the size of a dinner plate!

Orchid or Freesia?

Irises in the grass (that should have been wildflowers!)

Bee in the Cornflower!

For more photos pop to my Facebook page here

In between deluges I have been picking my delicious strawberries - I am trying to get out there every other day and I am prepared to share some with the birds but not ALL!

sweet treats!

I have also had my first Golden Rasberries and they are so sweet and succulent - although not many at the moment hopefully more will be here soon....

I do love the rain and I do love the fact that the flowers are enjoying it (when the wind doesn't blow them away that is!) but to be outside after a rainfall is quite magical really - look at the drops and you see a whole new world!

Drops on the Foxgloves

Love in the Mist

white roses against the grey sky

Pink Poppy
White Foxglogves - Bee on the way in...
My parents have decided to move - the house they are in is lovely but getting to that stage of garden a bit big I popped down to take a few internal photos for the advert and whilst there of course the flowers beckoned! I won't bore you with them all but I do love their cottage door....

We have been busy at home when we can be as well and Sunday (16th)  was glorious - very warm indeed, so we started the day with a 22kms bike ride and really I didn't want it to end! Only the fact it was lunch time and Chloe would be going back to Poitiers to sort out the rest of her camping bits,
oh and Rob was hungry! Many hills and a slight headwind but oh so worth it!

22kms - done!
Back home and lunch down the garden needed severe attention - grass needed mowing so we did get out there and we did do the jobs that needed to be done and whilst potting up my new tomato plants I found a mole mountain - I kid you not!
How does the mole get through when I cannot!?

work in progress!

Getting back to normality!

ummm - gaffer tape anyone?

ready for the better weather!

Spotted by Chloe whilst watering - so along came the camera! Note the water drop!

We brought the water feature with us and made the triangle for it to sit in - however the bowl cracked so I had another idea - make the triangle the water holder!

finished with my 2 lovely Fuchsias from Rob!

Well that brings me nearly up to date - just a couple of  "work things" to throw in now -  I am sure you 
remember me saying about my "epic photo shoot" with many children at les lacs....well one of the photos has become a lovely Sepia Canvas!
And another order from the same shoot but a different family ordered by her friend - how lovely :)

Pêle Mêle
Pêle Mêle is certainly proving to be a really popular way of displaying photos - and I am so pleased to be able to offer this service!

Here is a Special Fathers Day card but ideal for any occasion!

20x30cms Limited Edition Print - designed for a Birthday present!

I really want to share this with you- for those of you who are my friends on FB you will have seen this has been my banner photo for some while now - taken by my Dad about 40 years ago at Leigh-on-Sea! As a Mother's Day gift I had this printed up onto a wooden mount and absolutely thrilled to bits with it I am...I think my Mum was pretty chuffed with it as well! It's only a small image as taken from a slide but it shows what you can do! So I can now offer this service also with any photos I have taken as portraits or from my gallery!

Right now my tummy is starting to rumble so I think it must be time to go and cook lunch and maybe a Fat Free Cherry Cake - recipe kindly shared by my friend J.B over at it looks delish and I so happen to have a few cherries in the fridge - not as many as I would like but hopefully enough to make the cake!

The finished cake!

Don't forget you can see more of my work over at my facebook page

I do hope you are enjoying my "life through the lens" and would love you to share more with me......all comments are welcome!

Have a great rest of the week and let's hope the weather improves for the Marché Fermier et d'Artisanat d'Art - Maire l'Evescault 79190 on the 22nd June!

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