Thursday, 14 February 2013

February 14th St. Valentine's Day

Happy St. Valentine's Day!
Well I could say it's always like Valentine's Day chez nous ;) there is nothing more important in life than being loved and cherished apart from loving and cherishing I think......When we were younger we did celebrate in style but once the girls came along we just loved staying at home instead - you get used to not celebrating when your Husband travels around for work or was out earning a crust at the weekends entertaining other romantic couples - at the RBL!! mmmm...anyway my life would not be what it is without my lovely husband and best friend and our girls so really for me it's a celebration of what we have! Ask anyone what  St. Valentine's is about and we hear the lovely romantic stories but I found this wiki link rather informative (but not so romantic!)

Anyway that's enough of romance - I have had a pretty exciting month so far...

I had a Product Photo Shoot at the beginning of the month working alongside a lovely young lady who is also very passionate about what she does, hairdressing and latterly creating hair products and designing the style of the bottles etc... it was fun, if not a little infuriating at first as Purple and Black are not kind colours to photograph especially shiny bottles at that - but we got there in the end and I look forward to seeing Laura's interpretations of the photos when she has finished editing them.



2 Purples

Little white!

The Family!

I have now also been asked if I would like to sell from another local establishment - would I what?!...well of course I would be very happy to try selling my Limited Edition Prints at this lovely family run Salon de Thé, The Lemon Tree is a great place to be really, lots happening there and always a good cup of hot chocolate and a slice of cake to be had! The Lemon Tree is in Sauzé Vaussais and open Tuesday - Saturday - plenty of chance to have a brew and peruse the great gift ideas for sale there!
©PamelaJayne Photography
For Sale at the Lemon Tree
Finally my lovely friend (she of creating ceramic magic) has her own Facebook page and eventually will be able to share all her lovely handmade items with us all...I have to say I enjoyed helping her create the page and now look forward to watching her work and hopefully getting much deserved support for her work. You can find her newly created page at why not pop over and take at look at her beautiful flower necklaces?

Finally a very big thank you goes out to my lovely and supportive friend Jacqueline Brown, the Blogging Queen of the Deux Sèvres (and beyond) she gave me a couple hours of her precious time this week to help me get my head around Blogging! A very patient lady indeed, I learnt much and enjoyed finding out more than I ever thought I would remember let alone come home and remember to do! So French Village Diaries is another link I am pleased to share today! French Village Diaries is about the life here en France and how most of us try to live if we can! I love her passion about everything around here and the lives here, I feel very boring in comparison!

Hopefully the next couple of weeks will bring us some much needed sunshine - the Cranes have been heard in some areas - which means Spring should be on the way.....

In the event of trying to find the one photo I have taken of the Cranes I came across one of Scooby and his "girlfriend" Tess - I thought I would share as it was taken on the 14th February ('10) and back to the romance! (and no still can't find the photo of the Cranes!)

Snow was on the ground well not lots obviously but enough for it to be very cold - so standing around watching these two playing really warmed our hearts!

I found this as well and couldn't resist a share - taken just down the road at a local farm!

Have a lovely St. Valentine's day whatever you do/have done to celebrate until the next time a bientot....

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